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(1849 - 1919)

Patrick Cudahy Cudahy, Patrick, March 17, 1849 – July 25, 1919, Meat packer and founder of Cudahy, WI. Patrick was born on St. Patrick’s Day, 1849 in Ireland. When he was three months old his family moved to Milwaukee, WI. After working for Philip Armour and John Plankinton at their meat packing plant in Chicago, he was given one sixteenth of the business in 1874. Four years later, Patrick and his brother John acquired the interest of the firm when Plankinton retired. In 1892, the brothers moved the business to Wisconsin, building the "Cudahy Brothers" meat packing plant on the 700 acres Patrick purchased. He convinced the Chicago and Northwestern Railroad, which ran through his land, to build a depot by the plant to provide service for its workers. The Depot was named Cudahy in honor of Patrick. Soon a town built up around it becoming the city of Cudahy, WI in 1906. Patrick often donated land to churches and sold it to schools and parks, at a low price to help the people of his town. The Depot built in 1892 still stands today, and was designated a Milwaukee county Registered Landmark in 1983. Patrick Cudahy was married to Anna Cudahy and had nine children. After Patrick’s death in 1919, his son Michael became president of Cudahy Brothers Co., continuing the family business. Patrick Cudahy died on July 25, 1919; interment in Calvary Cemetery, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin.                           

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